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Bitcoin Cash Rate : 65350

Ripple Rate : 55

Litecoin Rate : 9500

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DigiByte Rate : 3

Peer Coin Rate : 150

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price

Ethereum Classic Price

Buy/Sell Ethereum Classic (ETC) : The Original Ethereum Chain working on Same Blockchain Features

about ethereum classic

Know everything about Ethereum Classic, ETC price and buy Ethereum Classic, online

Ethereum Classic emerged out of the split between Ethereum fanatics and believers. Ethereum Classic and Ethereum share a common legacy and have identical blockchain features. Still, Ethereum Classic is cheaper than Ethereum. This makes it a lucrative investment opportunity for fresh investors who are looking for a better value of their cryptocurrency investment. If you wish to know the current ETC price and want to buy Ethereum Classic with ease, you can use CryptoIdol exchange.

The Story Behind Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic emerged after a split in Ethereum in the year 2016. At the time of hard fork of Ethereum, not everyone agreed on implementing the hard fork as it violated basic principles on which ethereum was based. Those users kept mining the old blockchain and did not upgrade their software, leading to the creation of identical blockchain with the same legacy up to block 1920000.

Mining on original blockchain led to creation of an alternate Etheruem chain with its own token in the form of Ethereum Classic. Basically, after hard-fork, the new currency block was incompatible with the old version, and new currency block came to be known as Ethereum, while old one that was being mined as per old blockchain was known as Ethereum Classic.

story ethereum classic

current status-ethereum classic

Current Status of Ethereum Classic Price

Ethereum Classic after the split was actively traded and started being accepted at major cryptocurrency exchanges with ETC symbol. Not as pricey as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic has shown significant growth since the time of its split. From few cents at the time of split, ETC price broke the level of $40 in the past few weeks. The rising enthusiasm about blockchain along with the future implications are phenomenally impacting the price charts of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum Classic. To know the latest Ethereum Classic price, you can use CryptoIdol’s real-time price charts and make a wise purchase or sale decision in minutes.

How to buy ethereum classic, easily?

If you wish to buy Ethereum Classic, you can do the same with a cryptocurrency exchange such as CryptoIdol. Not only it is easy to trade in Ethereum Classic with an intuitive dashboard, but you can keep a track of latest ETC price and buy Etheruem Classic anytime by placing a purchase order. Stop wasting time on finding ways to enter the cryptocurrency domain. Just sign up at CryptoIdol and start your investment journey with ease, today.

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Benefits of Ethereum Classic

ETC Price

Limit Supply

ETC is limited in supply. Hence, there will be an enhancement in the value of Ethereum Classic due to the restriction on its supply.

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Long-term Investment

Investors believe that Ethereum Classic is an asset that has long-term value. In fact, the value of ether has seen a significant growth.

Decentralized Currency

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized currency. Therefore, it is not affected by the volatility of global markets.