Bitcoin Rate : 550000

Bitcoin Cash Rate : 65350

Ripple Rate : 55

Litecoin Rate : 9500

Dash Rate : 31690

Neocoin Rate : 46.8

LISK Rate : 820.66

Doge Rate : 0.34

DigiByte Rate : 3

Peer Coin Rate : 150

Buy/Sell Ripple Cryptocurrency (XRP) in INR

Ripple Cryptocurrency

Ripple : The currency that is truly creating ripples in the cryptocurrency domain

about ripple cryptocurrency

Know everything about ripple cryptocurrency and ripple coin exchange in India

Ripple is traded as XRP in cryptocurrency exchanges and has seen quite a surge in the recent times. With rising interests of global banking organizations towards ripple, that was specifically created for the financial world, the cryptocurrency shows significant promise. Ripple cryptocurrency is unlike any other cryptocurrency available in the market- it is pre-mined, has a limited supply and XRP ledger has the ability to handle almost 1500 transactions per second. All this has gone in the favour of Ripple’s native currency- ripple coin that has seen a spike of more than 3900% in 2017 alone.

Understanding the Ripple Effect

Ripple was originally invented in 2004 but actually went public in 2012. Instead of being a mined cryptocurrency, ripple tokens were issued and capped at 100 billion ripple coins. The San Francisco-based ripple created all the tokens in advance with capacity to release 1 billion tokens each month to the public. As ripple is not mined, the crypto currency has a limited supply. A limited supply and fulfilling financial association shows significant growth opportunities in terms of price of ripple, at present.

Already, ripple has become the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and transactions of $11.06 billion have been registered in Q2 of 2017. This means ripple is, at present, one of the most affordable and promising cryptocurrency investment opportunities in the world.

Ripple Effect

Ripple coin

Ripple’s edge over other Cryptocurrencies

Ripple is being called the sanest cryptocurrency backed by a technologically-superior infrastructure and supported by global financial leaders. As ripple was originally created to simplify global payment transfers, the cryptocurrency received backing from banks, financial institutions and established fintech startups.

Also, ripple’s pre-mined nature makes sure that the supply can be controlled to regulate prices in the long term. This makes it a secure and safe investment for first time cryptocurrency investors. Ripple supports payments, exchange and remittance through a distributed process, implying wider applications, thus greater value to investors.

Ripple, owing to its advanced infrastructure, can process transactions faster than other cryptocurrencies. It can take care of 1500 transactions per second while bitcoin can just handle 7 transactions in 1 second. This means the transactions are processed at a faster pace, ensuring prompt settlement of trades.

Ripple coin exchange: The best way to trade in ripple cryptocurrency

If you really want to dive safely into the sea of cryptocurrencies, ripple can be your safest bet. As ripple technology has been around for many years, the cryptocurrency is tried and tested for its capabilities. The currency is also backed by support from financial institutions while at the same time standing high on the decentralization principles. The low price compared to bitcoin or ethereum coins is an added advantage. You can use a ripple coin exchange to actively trade in ripple coins and start your cryptocurrency portfolio within minutes.

Ripple coin exchange

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Benefits of Ripple

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Real-Time Transactions

Ripple transactions are almost instantaneous. XRP transactions are executed in 4 seconds.

Ripple Coin Exchange India

Low Cost

Ripple transaction costs are extremely low, which makes XRP a viable proposition.


Ripple is rock solid and its 5 year track record denotes that it is a stable technology.


XRP transactions are scalable to manage more than 50000 transactions/second with the XRP ledger.


Ripple is built on open-source code. The XRP ledger is constantly maintained by a committed team of engineers.


There are more than 25 validators world-wide, which are managed by big organizations like Microsoft, MIT and AWS.