Bitcoin Rate : 550000

Bitcoin Cash Rate : 65350

Ripple Rate : 55

Litecoin Rate : 9500

Dash Rate : 31690

Neocoin Rate : 46.8

LISK Rate : 820.66

Doge Rate : 0.34

DigiByte Rate : 3

Peer Coin Rate : 150

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Digibyte Coin

DigiByte : A Highly Secure Cryptocurrency

everything about digibyte

Know everything about DigiByte coin and buy DigiByte coin through DigiByte Exchange in India

DigiByte is a promising cryptocurrency that was developed in 2013 and was launched for public trade in 2014. Claiming to be the cryptocurrency with fastest blockchain, DigiByte was created to expand the footprint of cryptocurrencies and reach a larger audience. DigiByte coins are stored in DigiByte wallet and traded at DigiByte exchanges, worldwide. If you wish to buy DigiByte coins online, you can use CryptoIdol exchange for the same.

Development of DigiByte Coin

Created by Jared Tate, DigiByte focused on the security aspect of digital transactions to develop a highly-decentralized blockchain community. DigiByte worked on Bitcoin’s open source platform and enhanced the security by spearheading asymmetrical difficulty adjustment mining. Instead of working on a single mining algorithm, DigiByte works on five mining algorithms, making it much more secure than other cryptocurrencies.

With 15 seconds block time and ability to handle 560 transactions per second, DigiByte soon became a fast, reliable and secure cryptocurrency with massive implications. Owing to multi-algorithm and 6 different blockchain platforms, DigiByte, at present, is believed to be a promising cryptocurrency with great future growth prospects.

development digibyte coin

digibyte stands security

DigiByte Stands for Security

DigiByte cryptocurrency’s main agenda is to create the most secure cryptocurrency on the planet. DigiByte’s global decentralization efforts spread over several servers, computers and nodes, five different mining algorithms and advanced shields protect DigiByte coins from malicious attacks and hacking attempts. In fact, DigiByte shields - DigiShield and MultiShield have an advanced difficulty stability making the cryptocurrency completely secure, at present.

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If you are looking for a secure cryptocurrency to invest in, you can think of buying DigiByte coins using a DigiByte exchange such as CryptoIdol. Owing to a simplified trading interface, you can start trading in DigiByte coins in minutes. Also, CryptoIdol serves as an intensive DigiByte exchange that will help you keep an eye on DigiByte prices and place purchase and sales orders for buying or selling DigiByte coins with ease. As CryptoIdol supports DigiByte coins, you can buy or sell any number of DigiByte coins as per your investment appetite. All you are required is to create a CryptoIdol account to start DigiByte trading now.

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Benefits of DigiByte

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Speedy Transactions

A DigiByte block takes only 15 seconds to be created on the network. Hence, making it the fastest blockchain.

Digibyte Wallet

Highly Secure

DigiByte is extremely secure. The blockchain distribution, mining and transactions are decentralized.

Digibyte Exchange

Forward Looking

It boasts of an established technology. Since the past 4 years, DGB has opted for DigiShield, MultiAlgo and SegWit.