Bitcoin Rate : 550000

Bitcoin Cash Rate : 65350

Ripple Rate : 55

Litecoin Rate : 9500

Dash Rate : 31690

Neocoin Rate : 46.8

LISK Rate : 820.66

Doge Rate : 0.34

DigiByte Rate : 3

Peer Coin Rate : 150

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Lisk Coin Price

Lisk : A Modular Cryptocurrency That Promises Greater Autonomy

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Know everything about Lisk cryptocurrency, Lisk trading, Lisk price and Lisk wallet

Lisk was launched to create an autonomous blockchain network using which developers can create, manage and distribute their own blockchain apps on a side chain powered by Lisk network. The Lisk blockchain network’s cryptocurrency token is known as Lisk coin. Anyone with a Lisk wallet can store Lisk coin and can indulge in Lisk trading, easily. If you wish to buy and sell Lisk cryptocurrency, you should first understand the basic principles that fueled the creation of Lisk cryptocurrency.

Creation of Lisk Cryptocurrency

Lisk was created to facilitate developers who wanted to create autonomous blockchain applications. As more and more companies were looking for reliable blockchain infrastructure, Lisk creators, Olivier Beddows and Max Kordek, found an opportunity in the domain and created a centralized blockchain platform that developers can use to create custom yet independent applications, powered by Lisk blockchain.

In 2016, Lisk launched its own cryptocurrency in the form of Lisk coin to facilitate fee payment and transactions on the Lisk platform. Soon, lisk cryptocurrency was listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges and was traded publicly.

creation lisk cryptocurrency

lisk trading

Demystifying Lisk Trading : Lisk Wallet and Current Lisk Price

If you wish to trade in Lisk coin, you need to have a Lisk wallet to store Lisk coins. A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges offer Lisk trading facility. When you trade using a genuine cryptocurrency exchange, you can stay assured about security of your Lisk wallet and Lisk coins stored in it. CryptoIdol simplifies Lisk trading for you owing to its advanced cryptocurrency trading dashboard. You can easily place buy and sell orders for lisk coin and take advantage of rising Lisk prices. Just make sure to keep an eye on the Lisk prices and time your trade orders to take full advantage of the Lisk trading opportunity.

Buying Lisk coins with ease with CryptoIdol

You can now actively trade in Lisk cryptocurrency and buy Lisk coins easily with CryptoIdol. CryptoIdol supports Lisk trading and all you are required to do is just sign up and submit your documents. Once CryptoIdol verifies your account, you can start Lisk trading using the CryptoIdol dashboard. You can view the live prices of Lisk cryptocurrency right from your trading dashboard and place orders as per your convenience in minutes.


Benefits of Lisk

Lisk Coin Wallet


Lisk is highly secure and safe. It has a stringent peer-review system.

Lisk Cryptocurrency

Promising Future

Lisk has a bright and promising future and it is there to stay for a long term.


Fast Transactions

Lisk blocks are created extremely fast in just 10 seconds.